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Continuum Camp

[ The volunteers, contributors & suppliers ]

Our annual community event is enabled and created from the campsite up with a lot of ideas, skills, love and passion willingly offered and harnessed. Wherever possible the effort required to achieve each event is volunteered, with materials donated and up-cycled wherever possible.

All the volunteers, creatives and supportive suppliers are integral to how we achieve Continuum Camp – from all the time and creativity provided, the donations of materials and resourses, the supply of crew food for build/break team, to all the infrastructure discounts and assistance.


We are so thankful to all these amazing people, families, communities and regional businesses. We could not achieve what we do without this generosity and support.

Continuum Camp 2019

Thank you to all the following volunteers, contributers & suppliers

You are awesume!

Venue Groundsman


Logistics Team

Jen Jen   /   Amber Knipe   /   Gillie Kelly   /   Connel Murrey   /   Jo & Gary Groves

Site Crew

Hedd Morris   /   Danny Muggleton   /   Oli Sidnal & Hollie Jade   /   Erin   /   Dave Snafu    

Robin Kemp   /   Indie May   /   Kirk Roberts   /   Jono Young   /   Wilbur Smylie-Wilde

Po Parry   /   Robin Parsons   /   Connel Murrey   /   Chris Jackson & ReDress MWRA    

Chloe Solloway   /   Gillie Kelly   /   Shaun Harvey   /   Tony Bambers & friends    


Banon Hinks

Recycling & site clear

Mary Scott   /   Oksana   /   Ann Marie   /   Jules & all attendees who kept Ty Gwyn clean!

Carpark and Camper van/camper vehicle Coordinators

Kaz Marsh (RIP) & Bluebell   /   Triston Bishop


Hugh Haslam   /   Connel Murrey   /   Cez Griffiths   /   John Carne   /   Indie May

Harri Hosker   /   Ferdia Toland   /   Liz Hutchinson   /   Dawn Northern

Joanne Collins   /   Azi Green   /   Daniel   /   Jake   /   Oscar

Box office Coordinators

Jasmine Mackereth   /   Dave Langstaff

Box Office Crew

Jen Jen   /   Gary & Evan Groves   /   Katura   /   Ruby    

Matilda   /   Asha-Mei   /   Tai-Ann

Barn & Site Production

Joab Hustings   /   Quality Tom   /   Danny Muggleton   /   Jack Reading

Dave Sylvester   /   Elwyn Harris   /   Rob Young (The Rock Project) & friends

Tent Production

Tony Byford   /   Siencyn Langham   /   Mark Read

Community Bar Coordinators

Kim Williams   /   Wilber Smylie-Wilde

Bar Volunteers

Maxine Lacayo   /   Chloe Solloway   /   Ruth Hog   /   Suzy Murphy

Robin Wealleans   /   Mariam Smylie-Wilde   /   Medina Rees   /   Banon Hinks

Danny Muggleton   /   Danny Broughton   /   Jen Jen   /   Connel Murrey

Gary Groves   /   Francisco Vicaria Eggan

Kids Area Coordinators

Net Wester [Funtastic Nets]  /   Po Parry   /   Paz

Kids Area Volunteers

Lindsey Cardwell   /   Hattie   &   friends   /   All the parents who mucked in!

Kids Cinema

Dave Snafu

Jungle Cubs


Circus Skills

Suzy Murphy

TWRW Drum & Dance workshop

Rosy   /   Mark   /   &  friends

Therapy & Relaxation Tent

Morwenna Grey   /   Anna Benge   /   Helen Watkins


Francesco Vicaria Eggan [Farelight Productions]  /   Siencyn Langham


Urien Morgan [UN Photography]

Event Photographers

Mark Pickthall [Festival Photographer]   /   Tatyana Gazelle


Aidan Waller [Tremor Sound System]

Arial Site Photo

Jon Gardiner   /   Robin Wealleans

Green Goat Café

Claire   /   Pete   /  & team

Pivotal Tea Café

Damaris Copus   /   Gillie Kelly   /   Elizabeth   /   Anna Lockwood

The Tea Ladies

Aggy  &  Flo

Site crew Food Donations (Build & Break)

Medina Aberystwyth, restaurant (Medina)   /   The Sands in Borth (Kim & John)    

Site crew Food volunteers (Build & Break)

 Damaris Copus   /   Cath   /   Suzy Murphy   /   Cathy Piquemal

Katie May   /   Indie May   /   Oli Sidnal

Performers, Bands & Artists

Nick Jones & Cor Y Gors Borth Choir   /   Drum & Dance (Nigel Agate & friends)

Natty Rhymes   /   Rychard Carrington   /   Mike Bailey & Friends   /   Sandor Dus

Rae Cashman   /   TWRW   /   Mike & Anthony   /   The Shanti Band

Strange Town & Mr Racz   /   Rattlecage   /   On Yer Feet   /   The Dappers

Louis Sole   /   Paradox   /   The Reggae Allstars


[also volunteered and helped create Continuum Camp]

Benji   /   Mindset   /   Third year   /   Trinity   /   Delamorte

Fred   /   Hidden Element   /   3-Phase   /   Quality Tom   /   Murder   /   BeNaughty

Uncle Thunk   /   Anti DJ   /   Rob Why?   /   Boundary

Presentations & Talks

Borth Arts (Lynn + Pete Dickens)   /   Dark Olive (Darren)

The Wallich (Anthony Vaughan)   /   Mactivism (Janie Mac)   /   Natty Rhymes

Extinction Rebellion (David Williams)   /   Roar Pursuits CIC (Natalie Delahaye) 

Hope not Hate (Simon Paul Tucker)   /   The Equality Trust (Dr Wanda Wyporska) 

  Youth Voice (Asha-Mai Newton)

Redress the Balance: Dress Up Station - MWRA (Mid Wales Refugee Action)

Chris Jackson & friends

Inspired Spontaneous Swearbox Donations

Mai & Mia

Fire Circle

Ray Vance


Cath, Ian & Hosker family at Ty Gwyn Campsite for all your support!


The fantastic support and donations from:

All neighbours and communities of Ynys Las & Borth

Ceredigion County Council

Licensing, Fire & Police Services

All our Suppliers

Promo video Song – donated by The Dappers

Artisan bread donations from Bara Menyn ( Jack Smylie-Wilde)

Arbcore - discounted firewood (Tristan Merry-Howe)

New gate (Terry the fence)

Wood & Shale Donations (Wyn Evans)

Sound equipment - Donations (Joab Hustings)

Electric equipment - Donations - WB Group (Olly)

Site lighting & Electrics (Kirk Roberts)

Creative Draping Accademy - Drape Donations (Susie)

Fire Logs - Donations (Polly Williams)

Smiddereens Tents - Supply & Discounts (Anya & Rolly)

Ystwyth Ales - Real ales & cider supplies (Rob) 

The Friendship Inn - Equipment donations & lager supplies (Amy & Clive)

Top Cat Big Tops - Discounted Tents (Rob Sage)

Abba loos - Supply & Discounts (Alex)

Speedy Hire Aberystwyth (Carwyn)

Contact Radio - Discounted Radios (Mark)

Quick Fence (Chris)

Sound Equipment - Discounted (Andy Hamilton)

Diogel Security Team (Emlyn Jones)

Green Goblet (Event Glasses) Website design - Discounted (Gillie Kelly)

Continuum Camp 2019 Fundraiser recipients

Both Arts    /    The Wallich    /    Roar Pursuits CIC    /    The Equality Trust

All ticket buyers (inc.those who didn't volunteer) who enabled our do-it-ourselves weekend!

Thank you all so much!

Jai & Kirk

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