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How our event works

Turning a few quid into collaboration

At Continuum Camp, we stage an affordable event for friends, families and communities to enjoy and participate in together. We approach our organising differently from standardised festivals. As a not-for-profit fundraiser event without sponsorship, we create a purposeful and engaging grassroots event. More than creating a great time, Continuum Camp is intrinsically a community powered project. We invest commitment and resources into this cultural platform to support and empower regional collaboration.

Ticket prices are continually monitored and kept as low as possible to keep this event as accessible as possible. We provide an inclusive ticket and volunteer system, with all attendees invited to get involved in some way. This shared transparent provision helps build the budget, voluntary participation and reciprocal trust required to stage our camp. A combined effort that enables everyone to collectively achieve our event and fundraising. 

​We deliver a family festival experience that is on a financial par if not cheaper than more regular weekend bookings at campsites or caravan parks in the region. This subsided approach means we can provide an incubator type event to support communities, the arts, grassroots projects, small businesses and start-ups invariably unable to access, afford or further develop at a majority of the more expensive UK festival type events.  

Continuum Camp ticket system:

At Continuum Camp all attendees staying the entire weekend purchase a full price ticket via our online ticket system – that is everyone from the venue owners, management and production teams, to cafe owners, bar staff, performers and artists. This distributed support creates a shared and committed low cost budget that enables our required infrastructure and resources and helps make this volunteer-based event as accessible, fun and safe as possible.


Time is precious

The actual amount of time and volunteer commitement given to help Continuum Camp, rather than preferencing specific skill sets required to stage our event, are generally the significant factors we consider in how we organise this event and the associated benefits (food & expences) provided. There are volunteer options ranging from 0 hours to a maximum of 20 hours spread over the duration of the event. The more time willingly provided, the more altruistic benefits received. 


Ticket system & volunteering

Together with buying a weekend e-ticket online, at this point of purchase every attendee is given a selection of altruistic options to willingly volunteer some time and or skills to get involved - helping us to realise this people empowered community weekend (a limited amount of day pass tickets are also available at our event box office).

Volunteer options

The following options represent our available choices for volunteers and contributors to get involved. Often we link roles together as many attendees like to participate in different event-based roles and get stuck into our build and break too.


0 Hours  -  No volunteering option

  • Buying a ticket still supports and enables this community focused event.

4 Hours

  • Personalised recognition on our official - 4 hour section - Continuum Camp promotional material.

8 Hours or 2 x 4 Hour shifts

  • Personalised recognition on our official - 8 hour section - Continuum Camp promotional material.

  • 1 X Free meal ticket.

Arts & Culture: Performer/ Artist/ performer / Speaker-talk / workshop / educator

  • Personalised recognition on our official - arts & culture - Continuum Camp promotional material.

  • Travel expenses paid, if coming from afar.

Area Coordinators [experience necessary] & Site Team

  • Personalised recognition on our official - coordinators & site teams section - Continuum Camp promotional material.

  • Free food - for you and family for the duration of the event.

  • Travel expenses paid.


Build & Break Crews

  • Personalised recognition on our official - build & break section - Continuum Camp promotional material.

  • Free food - for duration of build / break.

  • Travel expenses paid.

Paid event staff

Currently, our only on-site paid staff for the duration of our event consists of our security team and café staff.


Our 24hr SIA/First Aid security team - paid directly from ticket sales - manage our event safety. Integral within our licensing and safeguarding policy, our security forms part of our infrastructure costs. That said, we are now working in partnership with our regionally based security company to develop complimentary training programs for new SIA personnel to create industry employment opportunities and additionally lower our costs.

Regarding our fabulous café, this small family run business and front of house team – paid directly from their takings - work long shifts throughout the event’s four days, with minimal opportunity to stop for down time. The café owners help provide the huge amount of food required to feed our volunteers event staff. We are now working in partnership with our café to design training opportunities to develop skilled staff and help us deliver our event

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