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[Who we are]

Continuum Camp is organised by an experienced core events team who are dedicated to developing socially conscious not-for-profit community events. We believe that live events can embody principles of social responsibility and equality and we design Continuum Events to be as affordable and accessible as possible. Our core organisational values champion grassroots participation, altruism, philanthropy...

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Continuum Camp

[Some core ideas and values]

At Continuum Camp we approach our organising, programming and recruitment a little differently from standardised festivals or more typical sponsored live events. First and foremost we get friends and families together for a fun affordable camping weekend that offers a more participatory experience. As a non-profit organisation promoting grassroots community events...

[From sitting in a field to creating dreams]

We are pretty sure many groups of friends have got together over the years in some campsite at some festival somewhere and ended up spending a considerable amount of  time around a campfire sharing food, stories, songs and laughter - having that classic conversation. You know, the one that goes something like "we've all paid so much money for these festival tickets and spent most of the weekend at our camp..."

Continuum Camp

[Be Safe]

At Continuum Camp we provide a community environment of creativity and spontaneity. The welfare and wellbeing of all attendees is our priority, therefore we are setting out a Safeguarding Policy to help make our events safe. This policy is underpinned by the values and principles of the Continuum Camp ethos.  We aim to adopt the highest possible standards and take reasonable steps in...