Mission statement

Who we are

Culture Continuum CIC is an events management company passionate about community and grassroots participation. We design and stage cultural events and site-specific projects to connect people and communities with the arts, grassroots initiatives and outreach organizations. With core values focused on community engagement, especially in economically disadvantaged regions, we believe live events can champion social responsibility, wellbeing and resilience. Wherever possible we develop and provide creative industries training, work experience and employment opportunities within our event planning and management strategies.

What we achieve

Continuum Camp is our flagship community event. Piloted in 2018, this annual not-for-profit event combines an affordable fun family camping weekend and a mini-festival style experience together with an engaging space to support artists, small businesses, grassroots and outreach projects. Our event provides an educational platform to raise awareness and networking opportunities for different arts, outreach and humanitarian organizations. Together with community engagement, we also encourage participation from ticket buyers for this event, with this altruistic approach helping to progressively shift attendees from regular event consumers to integrated hands-on participators.

​How we achieve it

Our Continuum Camp event model is based on a concept we have developed called ‘Creative Community Culture’. We design each camp from the ground up as a collaborative process. We invite, find and support all the community involvement, skills and resources required to stage this live event. By applying an equitable ticket-volunteer system that invites participation from everyone, including the management and production teams, we can effectively deliver a subsided event at the fraction of the cost of standard expensive festival events. As our event supports many regionally based family businesses, we in turn get a considerable amount of assistance, discounts and support from these small businesses.

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