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Mission statement

Who we are

Continuum Camp is organised by an experienced core events team dedicated to developing socially conscious not-for-profit community events. We believe live events can embody principles of social responsibility, participation and equality. Continuum Camp is designed to be as affordable and accessible as possible. Our core organisational values champion grassroots action, altruism, activism, volunteering and mutual aid to nurture empowerment and wellbeing.

What we achieve


At Continuum Camp we get people together for a fun and safe camping holiday. We combine family camping with a mini-festival style community event along with an engaging interactive platform that raises awareness, support and funding for inspiring people and projects. Our commitment to encouraging community involvement and volunteering helps progressively shift attendees from regular event consumers to more integrated hands-on participators. We collectively create and shape the infrastructure and content at our events together.

How we achieve it


The Continuum Camp event model is based on a concept we call ‘Creative Community Culture’. Each annual camp is dynamically built from the ground up with whatever volunteering, resources and skills are made available. We apply an equitable ticket-volunteer system and budget, inviting willing participation and commitment from all attendees. Wherever possible, resources are donated and upcycled with event suppliers also providing discounts and support.