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[Turning a few pounds into an adventure]

To get lovely groups of friends and families together at Continuum Camp we create an inclusive participatory event with a shared collective responsibility to raise the required budget and participation to hold each event. This financing and volunteer commitment enables our camp to be on a financial par with the costs associated with a more regular family camping weekend at a campsite or caravan park – except, at Continuum Camp we also have plenty of value added fun and game too.


[Making it happen together]

Here's to community volunteer participation in action. Together with buying  weekend e-tickets online, at the point of purchase every attendee is given a selection of altruistic options to offer some time, skills or services and get further involved with the camp in a variety of ways - helping us to realise this people powered weekend.

[Celebrating creative communities]

A variety of quality music, entertainment and interactive elements are significant considerations for festival style events - whether from the starting point of potential attendees or for event organisers.


At Continuum Camp, while we're always seeking out great ideas, talents, performers and speakers to create our weekend - especially those who approach us with willing support – additionally...


[Finding and supporting good causes]

Along with a variety of inspiring talks, each annual Continuum Camp raises much needed awareness and funding for four chosen organisations - with a representative from each of these projects also  giving a presentation at the camp.