[ Turning a few pounds into an adventure ]

At Continuum Camp, we get lovely groups of friends and families together to create an inclusive participatory event by offering a shared ticket buying and volunteer commitment to all event attendees. This purposeful effort raises the required budget and participation to hold and enjoy each annual camp and enables our collective fundraising.


Ticket prices are kept as low as possible. We've created a camping experience that is on a financial par if not cheaper than a weekend booking at a regular campsite or caravan park in the region – except at Continuum Camp, we also have plenty of value added festival style fun and games.


[ Making it happen together ]

Here's to community volunteer participation in action. Together with buying  weekend e-tickets online, at the point of purchase every attendee is given a selection of altruistic options to offer some time, skills or services and get further involved with the camp in a variety of ways - helping us to realise this people powered weekend.

Celebrating creative communities ]

A variety of quality activities, music, entertainment and interactive elements are significant considerations for festival style events - whether from the starting point of potential attendees or  event organisers.


At Continuum Camp, while we're always seeking out great ideas, talents, performers and speakers to create our weekend - especially those who approach us with willing support – additionally, with organisational values focused on altruism - we're really interested in who or what you stand for or represent beyond your creativity and/or skills...


[ Finding and supporting good causes ]

Along with a variety of inspiring talks and presentations, each annual Continuum Camp features and raises funding for four organisations, with a representative from each project attending our event to give a presentation, update and Q&A session about what they do... 

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