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Turning a few quid into collaboration

At Continuum Camp, we get lovely groups of friends and families together to create an inclusive participatory event by offering a shared ticket buying and volunteer commitment to all event attendees. This purposeful effort raises the required budget and participation to hold and enjoy each annual camp and enables our collective fundraising.

Supporting communities together

At the point of e-ticket(s) online purchase all attendees are given a choice of volunteer options to willingly provide some time, skills or offer some ideas and get further involved with this event. All such altruistic engagement and commitment helps us to design and deliver this people empowered weekend...


Celebrating grassroots creativity

At Continuum Camp, we provide a supportive space to showcase and develop artists, performers and educators. With organisational values focused on altruism and community engagement, We also showcase creatives involved in altruistic initiatives. We are super keen to give arts and creative opportunities to people involved with other community, grassroots, outreach, educational or social projects.


Supporting good causes

Along with a variety of creative elements, performances, workshops and talks, each annual Continuum Camp event also raises awareness and funding for four inspiring organisations. A representative from each of these chosen recipients attends our event, gives an educational presentation about what they do, and joins in with our interactive group Q&A session.  

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