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Volunteers and suppliers

Supporting communities together

Event volunteers:

At the point of e-ticket(s) online purchase, all attendees are given a choice of volunteer options to willingly provide some time and skills, or offer some ideas and get further involved with this event. All such altruistic engagement and commitment helps us to design and deliver this people empowered weekend.

There are a multitude of event elements, skills and creative industry roles required to build Continuum Camp, and to successfully manage and deliver all the programming for this event over the course of a weekend. Whether professionally experienced or newly interested in accessing creative industry roles, there are many ways to get involved.   

There are opportunities to get on board with event stewarding, technical, infrastructure, trades, craft, décor, admin, box office, artists, artist liaison, bar staff, videography, photography and production roles. For the more industry experienced, we offer area coordinator roles to help us safely manage the event whilst also supporting and developing our volunteer teams.

Event suppliers:

An integral part of our event model is to find, support and wherever possible additionally help develop regionally based small or family run businesses and newly formed start-ups. By creating an event that supports all our suppliers, we ensure the generated finances associated with the event directly benefit these families, communities and enterprises.

In turn we benefit from these suppliers who provide a discounts, assistance and technical support. This altruism and generosity help make our event the supportive community celebration it is. Additionally, as part of our ‘environmental footprint policy, we invite, find and utilise upcycled materials, and we procure environmentally friendly resources as best we can.

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