Fundraising at our event

[ Finding and supporting good causes ]

Along with a variety of inspiring talks and presentaions, each annual Continuum Camp features and raises funding for four organisations and wherever possible, a representative from each project attends our event to give a presentation and Q&A session.

Choosing who to support

We look for and support - social, educational, outreach, grassroots and charitable groups and organisations who champion or improve creativity, wellbeing, community and education - organisations and inititives that link directly with people to do extraordinary things with and for others - whether within immediate local communities, neighbourhoods or further afield in our known interconnected universe - whether regional, national or international in scope, or indeed any demographic combination thereof.

Every year at Continuum Camp we raise funding and awareness for Borth Arts and from 2019 onwards The Equality Trust. Integral to what we do is to financially support the developement of local grassroots organisations (Borth Arts) and to intergrate and ingage with scientifcally  based understandings of wellbeing, equality and public health (The Equality trust).

Help choose two fundraiser recipients

Every year we need help finding and choosing another two fundraiser recipients. This invited feedback gives all Continuum Camp attendees the opportunity to be right at the heart of our fundraiser choices - helping us to shape an intergal part of our community event.


So, do you know any amazing people being courageous, empathetic and compassionate in support of others? From local grassroots community projects, campaign groups, outreach projects, trusts and charities – we would love to hear your suggestions.

Just sign up to our Join the Conversation link in the toolbar at the top of this website, add some ideas and help choose who to support!

Our fundraising achievements so far



Continuum pilot event raised £3000, split evenly between:

Borth Arts, Aberaid, Sunshine Nursery School and RCK (refugee Community Kitchen)


Continuum Camp 2019 raised £3000, split evenly between:

Borth Arts, Roar Pursuits CIC, The Wallich and The Equality Trust

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