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Fundraising at our event

[Finding and supporting good causes]

Along with a variety of inspiring speakers and talks, each annual Continuum Camp features and raises much needed funding for four organisations, with a representative from each chosen project attending our event to give a presentation and Q&A session about what they do... 

Every year we need help finding two fundraiser recipients. This invited feedback allows attendees to generate different ideas and inclusions as a dynamic process - helping to shape and create  an intergal element of Continuum Camp.


Choosing who to support


Any social, cultural, caregiving or action group that champions creativity, wellbeing, community and education or works directly with people to do some extraordinary things for others - whether within immediate communities, neighbourhoods or further afield in our known universe - whether regional, national or international in scope or indeed any demographic combination.

So, do you know any amazing people being courageous, empathetic, progressive or compassionate in support of a wider cause than themselves? From grassroots community projects, social justice organisations, campaign groups, charities and trusts – we would love to hear some ideas.