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How Continuum Camp started

[ From a campfire to a community ]

We are pretty sure many groups of friends have got together over the years in some campsite or field at a festival somewhere and ended up spending a considerable amount of time around a cozy campfire sharing food, stories and laughter - having that classic conversation...


You know, the one that goes something like “we've all paid so much money for these festival tickets and spent most of the weekend at our camp catching up and making new friends - why don't we all combine our pennies and effort for an affordable camp somewhere".


That's pretty much how Continuum Camp started. With affordability and participation being our key connecting considerations, we then explored ideas and imagined the kind of camp we would love to be a part of and create. 

Having decades of enjoyable festival attending and working experiences between us, with the larger ones often being spectacular, such events are often hugely expensive and very wasteful when it comes to resources and rubbish.


We also felt we had a real opportunity with Continuum Camp to move away from 'bigger-faster-louder' style events with headliners attracting those able to afford them. The festival landscape often feels like a conveyor belt of industry heavyweights enticing us with their next best consumerist buy. 


In going back to basics and identifying with more personal and cultural needs, we realised that it's often connection with friends, families and communities that matters most, especially within everyday lives and the social and economic challenges often faced.


From this humble value understanding, it was easy for us to design an event focused on community and participation, with all attendees celebrated as the real superstars - as part of the collaborative ethos of Continuum Camp, everyone is a VIP - Voluntary Inspirational People!

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