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What makes us tick?

[ Some core ideas and values ]

At Continuum Camp we approach our organising, programming and recruitment a little differently from standardised festivals or more typical sponsored live events.


First and foremost we get friends and families together for an affordable entertaining camping weekend that offers a little extra fun and a more participatory experience. As a not-for-profit organisation promoting grassroots community events - integral to what we do is to invite willing involvement in all aspects of designing, running and achieving our weekend adventures.


Our annual Camp is enabled from the campsite up with whatever ideas, skills and talents can be harnessed and encouraged every year. Wherever possible the materials and hands on human involvement required to achieve each camp are volunteered, donated or upcycled - with suppliers also providing vital discounts, freebies and assistance. We simply could not achieve this community event model without such supportive altruism and generosity from so many amazing people.


As an organisation we believe in people power and a very human need to participate, support and feel valued - together with an understanding that given an engaging combination of circumstances and opportunities - everyday folk will invariably collaborate, foster positive connections and make meaningful contributions to their communities and to wider society.


Our simple idea is - by creating voluntary based community event experiences - attendees can not only have a fantastic time but also share in the challenges, problem solving and sheer joy of creating Continuum Camp along with all the associated goals and achievements. When it's time to get back to more regular life routines and responsibilities, our hope is that everyone can leave with a sense of increased connection and maybe even a new purposeful spring in their community step.