What makes us tick?


[ some core ideas and values ]

Having been raised and/or spent decades living in or around Ceredigion, as event organisers we are aware that Mid Wales is one of the most economically deprived regions in Europe, let alone Wales. We recognise families often cannot afford expensive festivals, whether locally staged or held further afield around the country. It is also difficult to gain relevent training, volunteering and work experience  in the many elements and skill sets required within the live event industry, especially in remote rural communties.


Taking such socio-economic considerations and our own life experiences into account, we've created an event model based upon accessibility, affordability and participation. Continuum Camp is also an expression of gratitude to the interconnecting people, communities and cultural vibrancy of Mid Wales, which have profoundly shaped our social values.

At Continuum Camp we approach our organising, programming and recruitment differently from standard festivals or typical sponsored live events. First and foremost we get friends and families together for an affordable fun camping weekend that offers a more participatory experience. As a community focused company promoting grassroots engagement, integral to what we do is to invite willing involvement in all aspects of running and achieving our events.

We value  people power and a do-it-ourselves approach, and we believe in a very human need to participate, empower and feel valued - together with an understanding that given an engaging combination of socially connected opportunities - folk will invariably share and collaborate and make meaningful contributions to local communities and to wider society.


Our simple idea is - by creating voluntary based community experiences - attendees can not only have a fantastic and affordable time at our events, but can also share in the challenges, problem solving and sheer joy of creating Continuum Camp, along with the events' associated goals and achievements.


When it's time to get back to more regular life routines and responsibilities, our hope is that everyone can leave with a sense of increased connection and maybe even a new spring in their community step.