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Arts & Culture

Celebrating grassroots creativity

At Continuum Camp, we provide a supportive space to showcase and develop artists, performers and educators. With organisational values focused on altruism and community engagement, We also showcase creatives involved in altruistic initiatives. We are super keen to give arts and creative opportunities to people involved with other community, grassroots, outreach, educational or social projects.

​Prioritising participators​

Priority is given to acts, bands, workshop facilitators, DJ’s and educators that buy weekend tickets, stay the duration of this event and perform. Moreover, many of our creatives get more involved too. Every year, the majority of our booked bands and DJ’s not only purchase tickets, stay and play, additionally they donate time, skills and resources to help with event build, management, production and training. An amazing community commitment and altruistic benchmark has been set - one that we continue to champion – we’ve plenty of time for doers.

​Regional Creativity

​A primary organisational aim for Continuum Camp is to listen to, learn from and engage with different local communities so we can literally build our event from the ground up with regionally developing cultural capital. Wherever possible we invite and support emerging performers, youth projects and young creatives along with more experienced and professional artists. We support contributors with community affiliations and or cultural connections to the region, and relative to limited expenses, if possible, we then include creatives from further afield.

How DJ bookings work


To perform at Continuum Camp, DJ's have to buy a weekend ticket (online), pledge a decent amount of volunteering time, get inolved and help create this fun community event . With zero time for egos and maximum time for the altruistic ecology of our event - the icing on the cake for our committed team of volunteers is to play a fully deseved set to a fully appreciative crowd in our main Ravers Retreat Barn!

For any DJ's wanting to perform at Continuum Camp but are unable to commit to a full weekend and ticket price due to other logistics or commitments – we have a few very limited Day pass spaces reserved (DJ buys a day ticket at event Box Office ) - Please get in touch ASAP and check availability:

DJ sets are subject to availability and relative to the ammount of time offered in volunteering and on a first come, first serve basis.

Talks and presentations

Continuum Camp champions a community platform to encourage inspiring people and organisations to talk at our event – with speakers invited to give a presentation and Q&A session. This is a great opportunity to get involved and share some goodness – from nurturing public speaking skills - letting people know about ideas and projects you care about - to raising awareness for a variety of social issues and perspectives.


If you would like to give a presentation at Continuum Camp or know any amazing people who might - from creative projects, grassroots community groups, social justice organisations, event organisers, campaign groups, charities and trusts – please get in touch!

Live Bands, Workshops & Entertainers

Want to perform and contribute, but cannot stay the entire weekend?

For such contributors wishing to support Continuum Camp but are unable stay and commit to a full weekend and ticket price due to other logistics or commitments – we have spaces reserved for such volunteer circumstances - Please get in touch ASAP and check availability.

We welcome such participation as it compliments our accessible community event model. If we can accomodate, we simply ask that such day-pass performers offer an affordable donation at box office accreditation upon entry. This equitable commitment helps us to achieve our aims and goals together, and ensures the sustainability of our community event.

So, if you are unable to commit to an entire Continuum Camp weekend, but want to get involved - please get in touch and make it happen!


Or, if you can stay for the duration of the Continuum Camp weekend and you would love to perform and support us, grab yourself a ticket, get involved and make it happen!

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