Outdoor Event

Here at Culture Continuum CIC, we are now in full on R&D mode. Surviving through an industry shutdown and pandemic has not been easy. Thankfully, our team is expanding, we are dusting ourselves down, and we will rise again.


We are working on a range of affordable non-profit cross arts events and arts projects to bring into the world ASAP. We are currently looking for potential Mid Wales based venues and site locations. Maybe you can help?


We are also looking to work with collaborators - on a project-by-project basis - to help create our productions. We  are keen to support freelancers, artists, fabricators, CIC’s, community groups, arts and outreach organisations.


Maybe you would like to work with a not-for-profit community focused events company like us?  

If so, please send your company info or your CV to info@culturecontinuum.org (F.A.O. Jai Newton).


Your covering letter will also need to briefly address the following:


1) What does community mean to you?

2) What does equity and or equality mean to you?

3) What do festivals mean to you?