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Moving forward...

[Developing our events and vision]

As a newly emerging community focused organisation - aided by plentiful amounts of luck and altruism - our ambition is to progressively expand our core events team and to get more creative people involved to help us realise the three interconnecting elements of our Culture Continuum vision.

​Continuum Camp

Our primary focus is to establish Continuum Camp as a sustainable community event that shifts attendee experiences from that of consumers to hands-on participators - to increase involvement, delegation, training and educational elements within the event model - and to get to a steady state level in volunteering where the necessary human effort required to stage this annual event is better distributed between everyone willingly involved. In the not too distant future, our aim is for Continuum Camp to transition into a Community Interest Company (CIC) or similar socially conscious organisation.


A new Continuum event


Once Continuum Camp has been developed a little further, we will then look at designing another element of our altruistic vision - a new slightly larger sibling camping weekender called Continuum Festival. The idea is that this new summer time event will be staged at another Mid Wales location and align with Continuum Camp's core participatory and equitable values, albeit with a slightly increased capacity and a more familiar ticket and volunteer set up to enable a scaled-up larger event.


Continuum festival will be a socially conscious event that combines affordable family friendly fun with a platform that champions ideas, people and organisations doing amazing things for others in the known universe - whether regional, national or international in scope or any combination of such demographics - this event will be about getting involved, learning, direct action and supporting projects and organisations doing extraordinary things - everyday folk who care about people, society and the planet while having a fantastic time!


A central organisational aim with this event will be to provide fair employment opportunities and inclusive participation for a wide variety of festival workers together with a volunteer and training model for anyone wanting to learn and develop skills within the live event industry - offering support for the communities of Mid Wales, which is one of the more economically deprived regions in the UK.

A new cultural repository


The final element of our vision is a free online cultural repository called Continuum Communities. Currently in the development stage this new resource will compliment Continuum events and associated projects and will also link to creative people, community projects, organisations and suppliers who fit the remit of Creative Community Culture!


Continuum Communities will be an interactive portal to share, document, learn about and support what we do and achieve together along with additional content and ideas from all manner of Mid Wales creatives and beyond.


 In the meantime, we're taking all this one cultural dream and one altruistic step at a time...